Crookston, Garr, Gardner, Lutz


      Jesse LeRoy Crookston                  Phyllis Mae Garr               William Gardner & Rose Lutz

Clark, Gudmundson, Jensen, Hermansen


    Daniel Brown Clark                 Erma Leona Gudmundson           Clarence Jensen &
                                                                                                              Rebecca Hermansen



I have published hardbound books of  the "Crookston - Garr Family History" (261 pages) and  the "Gardner-Lutz family History" (289 pages). I have prototype books of Clark-Gudmundson (189 pages) and Jensen-Hermansen (87 pages).  They are hardbound black and white at a cost of under $25.  If you want one, please send me an e-mail stating your relation at .

If you are in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, you should try to read some of: The Gaar family : pioneers of industry, Richmond, Indiana; by Joanna Hill Mikesell and Annette S. Warfel; 929.273 G11

It tells the story of the Fielding Gaar's older brother Jonas' family and their impact on Indiana and the rest of the world.  It is very interesting.

I am trying to finish the Clark/Gudmundson and Jensen/Hermansen book this summer.  It should be done Summer 2014.  We are in the editing phase.

I will be updating the Garr descendants this summer.

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Last updated Tuesday, April 15, 2014

After 25 years of gathering family history records, it is time that I create a web page.

I have tried to give credit to all those who contributed or the location where I found the information.  I provide hot links where possible.

I tried to keep the web page as accurate as I can.  Errors are easy to create.  If you find any errors or want to add additional information, please send me an e-mail at .  I will correct them as quickly as I can.

I thank all those who have help me in gathering and producing the information.  I would especially like my wife who supported me in this effort and has contributed vastly to this work.

Richard Crookston 20 May 2009