Format:  The web page is setup into 8 section.  Each section is one of the great-grandparents of my children.  The eight areas are (by couple) Crookston, Garr and Gardner, Lutz and Clark, Gudmundson and Jensen, Hermansen.

Each section has a 5 generation pedigree of the root person.   The PAF generated pedigree has many generation as I was able to obtain.  The PAF generated pedigree is done by the couple.

Histories:  I have included as many histories of those that have passed away that I have.  I have made hot links for those that are already on the web.  I am always wanting to increase the number of family histories.

Photos:  My sister Karen is being the web master on the pictures.  The pictures are set up so that a person can download the digital image or use the service to make prints.

If you find anything that needs correcting, needs to give proper credit to the originator or needs to be added; please let me know.  You can send an e-mail to .